Castle Liebenzell

At the beginning of the 12th century, the Castle Liebenzell was built by the counts Eberstein to protect their possessions on the Nagold. The last knight instated by the Ebersteins as a castle guard, Ludwig von Liebenzell, allocated the castle in 1273 to the German Knights Order. They sold it a year later to the Margrave Rudolf of Baden.

At the beginning of the 16th century, the Margraves moved their residence to the town of Bad Liebenzell. The castle fell apart with the exception of the defiant tower and the shield wall.

Until 1953, Liebenzell Castle was a ruin. For several decades, the idea of ​​the founder of the International Forum Burg Liebenzell Mag. H.c. Gustav-Adolf Gedat to create a place of international encounter, has been realized. Youth from all over the world helped to rebuild the castle. One year later, the meeting and bedroom areas were ready for occupancy.

Today you can enjoy the magnificent view of the city of Bad Liebenzell and be pampered with culinary delights. In addition, the 34 m high castle tower can be visited or the relaxing environment can be enjoyed.


Due to renovation works on the castle, there is currently no refreshment stop.

Opening hours castle tower:
open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in good weather.
The castle tower is closed during the winter months.

Getting there:

By car:
Bad Liebenzell is located on the federal road 463

Motorway exits:
A 8: Pforzheim-West, exit Bad Liebenzell

A 81: Herrenberg or Leonberg, exit Calw

By train:
Train station: Bad Liebenzell

On foot:
From the train station towards – town center (Stadtmitte) – walk past the Kurhaus – turn right at the crossroads into Wilhelmstraße – at the next crossroads left towards Schömberg – follow the steep hiking path (orange) to the castle (walking time 20 – 30 minutes).

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The 'Monbachtal' (Monbach Valley)

The Monbach Gorge originated around 350,000 years ago between the Günz- and Mindel boulder period when the Nagold has cut into the bunter of ‚Monbachtal‘. Huge amounts of water transported boulders and stones to the valley and formed the picturesque gorge. It is protected with its headwaters as a nature reserve „Monbach, Maisgraben and St. Leonhardquelle“ to preserve their naturalness. Fallen trees remain in the stream bed and the hiker must change the sides several times on slippery stepping stones.

To 'Monbach Valley'

The Goats of the Castle Hill

During the grazing season (around April to November), there are usually 10 to 20 goats found on the castle hill. The goats are kept exclusively for landscape care and not as dairy cattle. They do not need to fear the butcher either. The castle hill is quite steep and therefore these goats are true helpers. In order to keep the castle hill as beautiful as it is, the ‚Schwarzwaldverein e.V.‘ – and in charge Heiko Killinger – takes care of the maintenance. Helping hands are warmly welcome here. Monthly work assignments are rewarded with good entertainment and a hearty snack. If you would like to help, you can contact us at

GoDi Golf

The new GoDi Golf course was opened in the ‚Monbachtal‘ in 2010 at the beginning of the season and is in line with the trend of golf-expansion: the guests play „golf“ – in a fascinating version. With a putter and the original golf balls. The artistically designed training objects challenge the playing technique. A game without boredom, with inexhaustible fun and enthusiasm for young and old.

The craziest way to play mini golf!

For groups with more than 20 people, appointments can also be made outside the opening hours.

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Poli's Paintball Place

The season of the paintball facility takes place in the summer months from April to September at the ice rink Polarion.

Further information is available at or directly at the ice rink Tel. +49 (0) 7052 5487.

It is not only paintball for adults, but also children from 12 years of age can experience a colorful spectacle of colors with child-friendly equipment.

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Polarion Bad Liebenzell

The season at the Polarion ice rink begins in late September and ends in April.

Further information is available at or directly at the ice rink Tel. +49 (0) 7052 5487.

With many creative & exciting events, we would like to offer you and your family an unforgettable stay in our ice rink. We wish you lots of fun with us and look forward to your visit.

Your poli team

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Fitness Path

Around three kilometers circuit people can practice on various equipment such as the crossbar, the exercise bench with foot holder, the parallel bar, as well as the balancing bar and much more.

Starting point is at the parking lot below the shared accommodation (formerly Blindenheim). Basically, the fitness path is accessible from two directions and thus can be started from ‚Monbachtal‘ also.


Grasping foreign cultures – seeing life anew

Corresponding to the motto „Recognize foreign cultures – seeing life anew“, our museum takes adults and children to Bangladesh, China, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Africa and Micronesia. Lifelike scenes from everyday life in these countries are presented. The exhibited items are from work fields of the Liebenzeller Mission.

The SOPHI PARK in Bad Liebenzell was officially opened on July 1st and 2nd, 2017.

A walk through the world of philosophy


Impressionen des Eröffnungswochenendes


Blumhardt was a pastor in Möttlingen from 1838 to 1852. He became known for various prayer healings, especially to Gottliebin Dittus, whom he accompanied for two years as a pastor.

To the Museum

Waldhufendorf Beinberg

Experience, how a ‚Waldhufen‘ village is created, and find out, what a ‚Waldhufen‘ village actually is!

To the Settlers...

Water Museum

Founded in 2016, the ‚Maisenbacher Sägmühle‘ water museum above the center of Bad Liebenzell, run by the sponsoring association of the same name, treats scientific, cultural, artistic, aesthetic, ecological, economic, political and many other aspects of water in its permanent exhibition and annual program.


Medicinial Herbs Garden

As a nature conservation association, the Black Forest Association also has the task of teaching the population the great importance of local medicinal herbs.
The local group Bad Liebenzell has taken over the sponsorship of the pharmacy garden in the spa park in this sense and built together with the leisure and tourism Bad Liebenzell GmbH and city administration, private donors and sponsors from the pharmaceutical sector, the spacious facility. Volunteers from our own ranks and the Paracelsus Hospital have created a new attraction in the spa town in many work assignments and handed over the teaching garden to the public on 8 July 2000.


Planetary Path

The planetary path represents a model of our most omnipotent environment in the universe – the solar system.
To understand the phases of the Moon, Mercury and Venus it is important to know that only the halves of the planets and the moon facing the sun are illuminated. These are also colored according to the real appearance. In contrast to the colored planetary hemispheres on which day prevails, it is nicht time on the black halves.

Learn more about the planets in the Bad Liebenzell spa park.