A walk through the world of Philosophy

Discovering and experiencing the sensible with all senses

A walk through the world of philosophy is offered. Presented as an adventurous time travel through 2500 years of intellectual history. From antiquity to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the Enlightenment and the modern, as well as a bridge to philosophers from all over the world. In dialogue with Socrates, Aristotle, Diogenes, Plato, Thales to Descartes, Hegel, Albert Einstein, Nietzsche, Karl Jaspers, Hannah Arendt, Marguerite Duras, Hermann Hesse and many more. Embedded in a poetic-philosophical park landscape with ten subject areas, numerous artistic show and marvel objects, 100 wisdoms in acrylic and original reading islands.

Unique in Germany and across Europe.

SOPHI PARK is a think and leisure park in which the sensible can be discovered and experienced with all senses. The ‚Graf Zeppelin‘ perennial nursery planted 4,300 perennials and a number of roses in the philosophical themed garden SOPHI PARK. A bloom and color splendor that can be admired from spring to autumn.



The accompanying book (available in german language and english; can be bought in the ‚Trinkhalle‘ in the spa garden) and lots of time.


Special tours are available also in english year-round on request.