Hofgut Georgenau

With its 300 years of history, the Hofgut Georgenau stands today primarily for sustainable agriculture and the sale of regional and selected products in its own farm shop.

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Demeter food from own production

  • fresh milk
  • different cheeses
  • homemade bread
  • potatoes

There is a wide range of organic dry goods and many products from the region.

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The Hardthof in Beinberg – Bioland operation for over 20 years. Angus suckler cow husbandry, fattening pigs and laying hens in mobile free range. Direct marketing of Angus beef, pork, eggs, potatoes in our own health food store at the Hardthof.

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Alpaka farm

Comforting-woolly from the finest baby alpaca. From wool, socks, hats, scarves to plaids and more – wonderfully light, cuddly soft and from casual to unusually noble there is something special for every taste.

Handmade products like liqueurs, schnapps, elderberry and rose syrup, apple juice, nuts and, if the chickens are happy, also fresh eggs!

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Organic store Möttlingen(former radishes)

In the health-food store you will find a lot of fresh and regional products (assortment with 700 – 1000 articles), drugstore articles and stationery from environmental paper. But also special features find their place in the small shop: The interesting and unique wine offering comes from a winegrower in Bad Cannstatt.

Blumhardtstr. 17, district Möttlingen

Tel. +49 (0) 7052 9344192

Rathfelder-Village shop

Johannes-Kepler-Str. 13, district Unterlengenhardt